Life on the Farm Board Game


This FUN & FAST Mooo-VING board game was created by an American farm family from real family farm mishaps & life experiences! FUN for ages 8-108!

Life on the Farm Board GameLife on the Farm® – $25
This game combines fast 'Mooo'-ving action with real family farm mishaps for 'Udder'-ly unpredictable FUN!

*Acclaimed for developing Money Management skills - Naturally! Just imagine - you own your very own nostalgic family farm (and all the gambles that are involved in running one!) As you race against your neighbors and invest in more cows, your income and expenses grow just as fast as your herd does!

Collect 'Milk-Checks' when you pass the barn - Beware, Market values can change with each roll of the dice! This FUN game is filled with authentic family farm life experiences that all ages appreciate, yet it is very easy to understand and play. LIFE ON THE FARM is truely a real "Family game" - it was designed so ages 8 to 108 can easily have FUN playing together, comfortably!

First to "Retire" wins!
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