Life on the Farm Board Game

Life on the Farm Board Game The Board Game...

You start off with $10,000 and no cattle. During the game, when you land on a "Cattle Auction" square, you may buy as many cows as you wish at $500 each. If you don't have enough money to pay a bill you must sell your cattle back to the bank at $300 each until that bill is paid. Each time you pass the barn you collect a “Milk-check” that is determined by how many cows you own - of course, more cattle means your milk-check is bigger - but so are your expenses! Market values vary for each player and are determined by a roll of the dice! Experience how machinery repairs, feed costs, insurance, taxes and real family farm mishaps (like a cow accidentally being shot by a hunter) make their effects felt on each player, as they do on real American family farms! Be the first player to build your herd from 0 to 60 cows, plus get back the money you started farming with and you can "Retire” to win the game!

Life on the Farm is not about running other players out of business - it’s about managing money and making the most out of what happens to you - what life is really about on a family farm! It is a classic board game, fast-moving, easy to understand and fun to play, and it truly appeals to all ages. Best of all, it is a true "family game", which to us means that players of different ages have fun playing together, at the same time, comfortably! We have received many unsolicited letters from delighted customers telling us that Life on the Farm is their family's "favorite" game!

Life on the Farm is unique! Our farm family originally developed it as a way to have some fun with our city cousins, and it really does show the ups and downs of life on a family farm in a fun, energetic way! We are amazed and thrilled with the wonderful response we are receiving from around the globe! You don't need to be a farmer to enjoy " Life on the Farm!"

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