Life on the Farm Board Game

LIFE ON THE FARM board game is basically a fun look at what life is like on a small family farm in America. Small family farms used to feed not only America, but also most of the world. Only within the last century has large corporate farming made a huge impact on America's food supply system. In many developing countries, owning a farm animal literally means the difference between life and death.

Our company, We R Fun, Inc., appreciates the efforts of an organization called Heifer Project International. This non-profit organization (started by a farmer) basically combats hunger by starting small family farms around the world! Farm animals are now providing new hope and security for struggling families across the world!

Heifer InternationalClick on the logo at the right to learn more about Heifer Project, and what farm animals really provide...

As the saying goes, “take a man fishing and feed him a meal, teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime”. We believe this organization “teaches people how to fish”. And in the process, struggling families receive one of the greatest gifts of all - the gift of self-reliance.

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